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Student performing in the ORMTA, Hamilton-Halton Branch First Class Honours Recital.

My two favourite learning tool stuffies - So-La who says "I feel music in my heart, I love to sing, dance, and perform." Her buddy Ti-Doh says " I feel music in my hands and feet. I love to count, march, and conduct." 




  • I am a Music Educator who has been teaching privately for over 25 years. Lessons are held at my private independently owned K.H. PIANO STUDIO.  I accommodate students from ages 5 - Adults (any age; active).  

  • Music Theory: - Beginner - Advance Rudiments using specifically the Ultimate Music Theory and all of the applicable resources.  I also teach Basic & Intermediate Harmony (written), Keyboard Harmony (practical); History (all levels) in line with RCM / CC examination syllabus. 

  • Students are prepared for RCM exams in theory and practical piano; the opportunity to participate in studio and community recitals, music festivals; coach in preparation for auditions when applying for College/university music program. 

  • For a fee, I am available to accompany (piano) students who are preparing for practical exams on the beginner-intermediate level on strings/winds/brass/voice. 

  • Over the decades many of my students have achieved Honors / First Class Honors marks in the Royal Conservatory of Music piano exams. Students who participated in the annual Rotary Burlington Music Festival were awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. 

  • Online Theory Lessons - individual / small group UMT Club Classes (2 - 4) - are now being offered as part of my studio business.  For beginner young students ( ages 5 - 10) pursuing piano, my preference is to have them attend in person. 

A Studio Policy is included in the Registration Information Package that is provided to families inquiring about music lessons. 

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